22 Scientific Breakthroughs in 2019

Written by vengreat

2019 was a great year for inventions which changed our view of science. Here are some of achievements


Far side of the moon : For the first time ever, a spacecraft lander landed on the far side of the moon by China’s CHANGS 4 spacecraft

A day on Saturn: The duration of a day on Saturn was determined which was a big question so far. The length of a day is 10 hrs 38 min 38 secs

Crystal star: Astronomers at university of Warwick presented a direct evidence of white dwarf star solidifying into crystals


1 TB Sd card: The first MicroSd card with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte announced by micron

Bye bye !! Opportunity: NASA finally bid farewell to its old Opportunity rover on mars that was destroyed by a dust storm

Farthest: Researchers discovered Farfarout, the farthest object yet found in the solar system, 21 billion km away


Dark matter: Scientists found that 90% of our own galaxy , Milky way , is made up of dark matter

Life in space: Scientists reported that life forms from earth have survived 18 months outside the space this has further solidified the chance of existence of life on mars


Black hole image: The biggest achievement of 2019, a team of scientists released the first black hole image using a combination of 8 telescopes , the super massive black hole at the heart of M87 galaxy was imaged

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First mars quake: NASA’s insight rover which is designed to study the interior of mars detected the first ever quake on it


Superconductivity: Superconductivity at very high pressure is observed at a temperature of -23 degrees C. A jump of 50 degrees from previous record

Wikipedia data: Scientists reported that all of 16 gb data has bee encoded in synthetic DNA

Methane on mars: The curiosity rover on mars detected the largest amount of methane so far. Methane also indicates the life on red planet


Entanglement: Physics produced the first ever image of quantum entanglement ever

Chandranyan 2: India launched its second lunar mission, Chandrayan 2, this time with a lander and a rover along with the orbiter


A Cosmic burp : Using the keck observatory, scientists observed the sudden brightening of the black hole at the center of Milky Way, up to 75 times the average

Teleportation: Scientists reported the teleportation of 3 dimensional quantum states or the qutrits, for the first time


An impossible star: Scientists studied the iron content of Methuselah star and proposed its age to be more than that of the universe.


New moons: Saturn became the planet with most number of moons after 20 more were discovered in 2019 . Saturn now has 82 moons thus over taking Jupiter that has 79 moons

Quantum supremacy : Google announced that its 53 qubit processor has achieved quantum supremacy. It performed a task in 200 seconds. The words fastest supercomputer would have taken 10,000 years


voyager 2 reached the interstellar medium, far beyond the solar system. Voyager 1 did that in 20012.


New force: Scientists claimed, to have found the fifth fundamental force in nature.