30,000 mAh PowerBank with Instant Charge launched by Xiaomi in China

Written by vengreat

Previously powerbank highest capacity were 20000 mAh. Now Xiaomi Indroduces new powerful massive capaciy powerbank in the world. It is another new features inclusing a special mode to recharge very smaller devices like fitness bands also bluetooth headsets.

It has 10X time more capacity to charge any small phones. Xiaomi launched new and latest 30,000mAh Mi PowerBank version 3 with Quick charge with more capacity.

It supports all new devices including both small and large with fast charging. It has very special mode to power charge for fitness bands and bluetooth headsets. It has more capable for charge upto 3 devices at a time.

It has awesome design with superb scratch resistant finish including anti-slip features. Size of this powerbank is biggerthan normal power banks around it weighs at 657.9 gms. the dimensions of this device is 160.5*96.5*44mm.

It recently launched only in china with the selling price of CNY 169 (Merely Rs.1,800). There is no official information of launch it in Indian market yet. In China, special sales starts on 18th June 2020.

Xiaomi informed that the latest power bank has capacity to charge any iphone SE (2020) series with 10.5 times also MI 10 or Redmi K30 Pro 4.5 times. It has also have huge supports of 18W fast charging technology, Xiaomi also intimated it can change any iPhone 11 fully in 1.45 Hours. It is 5x faster than any normal 5W chargers.

The device includes 2 USB Type-A ports, 1 Micro USB port and also Type-C USB Port. 3 Ports could be used to charge devices. Here 2 USB Type-A ports as well as Type-C port support 18W high-speed charging. It can charge roughly in 7.5 Hrs.

It supports a lower power mode and it can be access by double press the power button. This mode helps to safeguard smaller devices with very low power charging. we will intimate me once its launch in India. We hope this device will be awesome to charge your devices when you are in travel. You can also try and share your feedback with us.