Did You know these 10 Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time?

Written by vengreat

It’s a horror time, as I am going to scare you now… Well, I think You got it well that my list of evergreen horror movies is ready. Oh!! Hold yourself and have a cup of coffee so that you feel better.

Unfortunately for horror and anime fans alike, horror seems to be a bit of an underrepresented genre in the anime format. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t tons of hidden gems if you do just a little bit of digging, a prime example being Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, usually called When They Cry.

I love watching horror movies and I have seen all the supernatural thriller movies even though they are called the scariest movies of all time. If we talk about present horror movies it’s completely a big joke where we scare less and laugh more. I am here to scare you so only the scariest ghost movies of all time, which gives goosebumps OH MY GOSH!

Let’s get started, 

Here the list is ready of horror movies- 

1- Hereditary – It is the movie that pushes the limits of what freakishness is! This movie reflects a flawed family dealing with the deaths of a member and lets the audience watch these members how grief overtakes them.  This movie takes the attention right from the first shot. Now if you are excepting that it should be a typical horror movie, you will be deplorably perplexed.

2- Genocyber – Genocyber is actually pretty well-known in a lot of anime communities, but whether it’s famous or infamous depends on who you ask and what kind of stuff they’re into. It’s definitely particularly gory for an anime series, and, while it leans on a lot of cyberpunk tropes and often gets lumped in with other anime from that genre, it isn’t anywhere near being the same kind of animal.

hile other cyberpunk anime rely on a mysterious female protagonist living in a futuristic society, this anime shows us what happens when a mad scientist creates a new type of military might. It ends up being something that humanity would have been better off not creating, and it ends up wreaking havoc in a newly born global civilization that wasn’t quite ready for the type of power it had made.

3- Devilman Lady –Devilman Lady is a direct sequel, written by the same author as the original series, and adapted for TV. It tells the story of a teacher who takes her students on a trip only to be attacked by demons while they’re in the middle of having a nice little vacation from schoolwork.

Fortunately for her and her students, Jun Fudo transforms into the Devil Lady, who is able to protect her entire class from the scourge of demons that showed up pretty much out of nowhere. She becomes a protector of mankind against the demons and goes on various adventures from there. Oh, and it’s graphically violent, just like the original, so, here’s a bit of a content warning for that one.

4- Kite – Kite is very much a forgotten gem of 90s horror anime. It’s actually the beginning of a trilogy as well, so, if you like the first one, be sure to check the others out. This series tells the story of Sawa, a young girl who is secretly an assassin.

While she’s pretty well taken care of thanks to securing such a lucrative job, her parents died when she was very young, making her an orphan. Her targets are usually big corporate types, people who prey on children, or corrupt police officers. In all reality, she can’t really refuse a job, so whoever her superiors want her to go after, she takes care of it. Another content warning for this one since there’s a good bit of murder and talk of assault.

5- Midori – Midori is actually considered to be a lost film since at the time it came out, it depicted imagery that was illegal in Japan. That being said, if you’re actually able to hunt it down, it’s supposed to be pretty good!

It’s essentially a reinterpretation of an older intellectual property that was modified to be an entirely different thing. The story revolves around Midori, a girl who works in a carnival sideshow. She suffers the abuse of all kinds at pretty much the hands of everyone at the circus until a hypnotist arrives. In concept, it has a bit of a Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari vibe, except that it’s an incredibly violent anime and not a German Expressionist horror film. Either way, a lot of people who have been able to get their hands on a copy have enjoyed it.

6 Vampire Princess Miyu –  Vampire Princess Miyu is great for a variety of reasons. Not only is the art really interesting since most of it is set in traditional Japanese towns and landscapes, but the premise itself is really interesting. Miyu is the child of a human and a God-Demon type thing that’s referred to as a Shinma, which somehow means that she was born as a vampire rather than some sort of God-Demon-human hybrid type thing.

She’s tasked with wandering the earth and sending all of the Shinma that she encounters back into the darkness of Hell, becoming something of a protector of the earth in the process. Since she has this quest to go on, she isn’t allowed to return to the darkness until all of the Shinma are defeated and banished back to whence they came, causing a bit of an internal struggle for Miyu.

7-  Pet Shop Of Horrors –  While the concept does take a little bit out of the book of something like Gremlins, it handles everything in really cool ways. The way the show works essentially is that there’s a pet shop run by the mysterious Count D, and, whenever someone comes in to buy a pet, they’re allowed to on the condition that the pet shop isn’t under any liability should any harm come to them as a result of not following three rules he gives them specifically for each animal.

Since there wouldn’t be a show if not for the fact that everyone in the show doesn’t know how to follow directions, we see the buyers dealing with the consequences of their own actions, usually ending with dire results.

8- Ushio And Tora –  One of the most interesting things about Ushio And Tora isn’t even the relationship between the titular characters, it’s all of the yokai that Ushio meets while he’s avoiding Tora. A yokai is a type of creature in Japanese folklore, something like a Kappa or the slit-mouthed woman probably being the most popular example. Ushio is a Samurai, by the way, who’s constantly being tailed by an enormous supernatural tiger that would most likely eat him at any chance he got. While this might not seem too much like horror at first, the yokai themselves can get pretty gnarly.