Here’s How NASA’s New Machine Weighs Exoplanets

Written by vengreat

We want to find Earth like planets around sun like stars cause that’s our best chance to find a world that has life on it or has the potential to sustain the life on it.

NEW DEVICE: Recently NASA has unveiled a new equipment that has named MN-EXPLORE Exoplanet investigations with Doppler spectroscopy nick named as NEID.

it can measure the weight of the exoplanet three times more precise than the any existing tech. What the NEID does is it uses the Radial velocity spectrometer method to measure the unsteady moment of the star that the planet is orbiting.

By this we can find how the strong the gravitational force is between the star and planet this intern gives us the mass of the planet.By combining the data from NEID and spacecraft or TESS we can really find what planets are made-up of. Not this equipment used to find the planets and its mass but also it can help in detecting the planetary photons directly from the planet but we can Disentangle them the NEID is the only piece of tech that has the capability of doing this.

It also helps by following up the planet exploration satellite like Transiting exoplanet survey satellite(TESS) which makes the planet searching more efficient.Another goal for NEID is to identify potential targets for James Webb space telescope (JWST) because it will open the doors to for the characterising these planets by actually looking for atmosphere and images.