The newbie “MARS 2020” got the license to drive

Written by vengreat

Mars 2020 got all set to launch on February 18 2020. There are lot more updated specs and a lot new ones of the time. This one can run a 200 meters(650 feet) on average per a martian day. Impressive related to the record set by the opportunity rover which run a 214 meters(704 feet). This one roved in a clean room NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in California which is now ready to do the same on the Red one.

The Mars 2020 got new updated wheels which will help itself from getting damaged from the rocks on the Red planet, which is the main thing that made issue for NASA’s Curiosity rover. This rover will carry a tiny autonomous helicopter which render over the martian environment and search for the life that may be exist And NASA hopes that this one will reach the Mars next year which cannot be done this year alone.

A great improvement on the side of vision and movement. The new modules and tech of the camera got a great resolution. The image processing got lot better that the previous one. The new mobility tech made to move faster and stable than that of the previous one’s. Which will have more advantages on roaming over the planet.

On the occasion of test driving of Mars 2020, the lead mobility systems engineer for Mars 2020 Rich Rieber said “Mars 2020 has earned its driver’s license. The test unambiguously proved that the rover can operate under its own weight and demonstrated many of the autonomous-navigation functions for the first time. This is a major milestone for Mars 2020.”

“A rover needs to rove, and Mars 2020 did that yesterday. We can’t wait to put some red Martian dirt under its wheels.”

John McNamee, Mars 2020 project manager

MARS 2020 Mission Facts

Launch Window : July 17 – Aug. 5, 2020

Launch Location : Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

Landing : Feb. 18, 2021

Landing Site : Jezero Crater, Mars

Mission Duration : At least one Mars year (about 687 Earth days)