What Do Blind People See in Their Dreams?

Written by vengreat

What do blind people see when they dream

In our dreams we see something related to our activities that we perform in our daily life or something related to our fantasy’s. but what about the blind people, do they dream? if they dream, what they see in their dreams.

Do blind people dream

The Answer is yes, A person who is born blind had dreams, but doesn’t see images. Dreams could include sounds, tactile information, odours, flavours, and feelings . On the other hand, if the person lose their sight later in life, visuals are included in their dreams.

The presence of objects in dreams depends on the blindness type and background. The vision in dreams is mostly similar to the range of vision that the patient has had in life. Of example, when dreaming, someone who has color blindness will not unexpectedly see new colors.

A person whose vision has deteriorated over time may vision of the perfect clarity of earlier days, or may dream of acuity at present. Sighted people with corrective lenses are feeling much the same. A dream may or may not be in focus completely. It’s all focused on accumulated experience over time.

Someone who is blind and perceives light and color changes from the syndrome of Charles Bonnet will integrate these perceptions into dreams.

Curiously, some blind people are experiencing the rapid eye movement that characterizes REM sleep, even if they don’t see details in dreams. Cases, where rapid eye movement does not occur, are more likely to occur when a person has been blind from birth or at a very young age lost to sight.

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